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Understanding Nail Technician Qualifications

To become a nail technician these days you have to gain relevant qualifications. The industry is extremely new and many people consider a career in nails to be an exciting prospect.

It will certainly open up many opportunities for you as the industry grows and new techniques are developed. However despite its glitzy image, working with nails can be quite difficult and that is why courses and training have been introduced.

How Qualifications are Set Out

As the nail industry expands,
so does its qualification structure. Occupational Standards are set by qualified nail technicians and they basically consist of requirements that need to be met.

These requirements are set according to what these professionals feel are the minimum requirements needed to work within the field at that particular time. You need a certain amount of knowledge, skills and understanding within the field and your education and training will teach you everything that you need to know. You will learn all about health and safety, potential customer service problems and legislation. Help you to learn how to deal with various problems before you enter the workplace.

Basically the standards that are set are there to help you no matter whether you are a student or somebody who is just looking to gain better job opportunities. Perhaps you are currently working in a nail technician role but you have not yet learned everything that there is to learn? If so then relevant courses could be worthwhile. You will find that in EU countries you will need a qualification to prove that you are competent within your nail technician role.

What are the Necessary Nail Technician Qualifications?

There are a number of qualifications you can gain on your way to a career as a nail technician. Mainly they are National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) and you can train up to different levels. In Scotland they are known as SQV’s.

NVQ level one is the basic qualification that you will need to work in a nail salon. It will train you up to an assistant’s level and you will learn how to give basic consultations. You will also learn how to perform basic treatments as well as helping to prepare more advanced treatments for professional nail technicians. Generally this is the most basic level of training that most beauty salons will require. Once you have completed the NVQ level one, you will likely need to carry on training with higher levels to get a better position within the company.

NVQ level two trains nail technicians up so that they can work alone with clients. You can choose the “Nails Route” NVQ level two and that will teach you everything that you need to know about artificial nails, manicures and pedicures as well as health and safety issues that you should be aware of.

Finally NVQ level three is designed for more advanced nail technicians who are already working in the field unsupervised. It is better suited to those who would like to train to supervisory level and it teaches you more about artificial nails and nail art and design.
As well as NVQ’s you will also find that there are some independent bodies who also offer professional qualifications. It would be a good idea to check whether such qualifications would be accepted in employment before you enrol.

Overall nail technician qualifications are designed to help you to progress in this new and exciting industry. The more that you learn the more valuable you will be to a company and the higher your salary will be. So if you do want to be a professional nail technician then why not look into how an NVQ could help you?


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